• Proven to be the world’s simplest AED
  • Incredibly safe to use – if no shock is required, it’s impossible to deliver one
  • Fastest acting defibrillator in the market – in just three minutes
  • Durable – tested to IP55 rating and to rugged military standards

Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) is one of the world’s biggest killers and can take ANYONE by surprise.

Could you save a member of your team on-board your vessel?

If a defibrillator isn’t applied within 3 minutes, your chance of survival drops below 70%.

Lifeforce® is an automated external defibrillator (AED) – specifically designed for the marine environment and was the world’s first defibrillator
to be Type Approved. It is designed to be the simplest to use AED on the market and independent tests have proven that members of the public without any training can deliver a life-saving shock quicker than any other unit in the market.

The Lifeforce AED crush test up to 450KG during development and we wanted to see if this holds up. Run over, dropped, crush and washed – does it survive and remain rescue ready?

Watch the video! Lifeforce AED Crushed by 4500kg Tractor


  • More for your money – includes more tests as standard than any other kit
  • Simplest kit on the market that anybody can use – no glass ampoules or messy Thio-Bags
  • Affordable spares – incredibly economical
  • Guaranteed compliance – MLC2006, IMO guidelines and flag state requirements
  • Sewage water effluent test kit also available

DrinkSafe MAX™ are easy-to-use, accurate potable water testing kits designed to last 18 MONTHS & meet all compliance requirements, including
GUARANTEED compliance with MLC 2006.

Being the easiest to use and most cost-effective kits on the market, there’s good reason that the world’s largest shipping companies trust DrinkSafe MAX™ to take care of the well-being of their crew and passengers.

Grindrod Ship Management have implemented DrinkSafe and have managed to reduce their bottled water usage by 32,000 bottles, per month!

Developed using feedback from a survey of 8000 marine decision makers, DRINKSAFE™ is guaranteed to be the easiest kit to use, includes more tests than all other kits, and is guaranteed to meet all legislation & Class/Flag state requirements in a single kit. Easy!

Watch the video! Onboard Bacteria Water Testing


  • The only combined portable Sewage Effluent and Potable Water Test Kit
  • Guaranteed to be the most cost effective solution on the market
  • Only replace what you use – you’ll never need to buy a full kit again
  • No formal training required

This all in one portable water testing solution makes compliance with complex sewage discharge legislation easy.

The Sewage Effluent Test Kit is designed to provide you with simple test methods which are guaranteed to be the most economical you will find or your money back.

The kit requires no formal training and is the only all in one solution to guarantee complete compliance with the MLC 2006 & MARPOL ANNEX IV onboard water testing legislation.

Our spares service means you only buy the full kit once and then replace what you use. This means you’ll reduce waste whilst reducing costs.

Just how simple is the Sewage Effluent Test Kit from Martek Marine? Ben took a trip to the local lake to show you how the kit works…. but YOU won’t need to get your feet wet.

Watch the video! How to use Martek’s Sewage Effluent Test Kit


  • 100X efficiency improving on the previous market leading test to 0.1 CFU per ML
  • Unrivalled onboard testing, both water samples and biofilms
  • Simple rapid results in just 35 minutes
  • No training required
  • The most reliable Legionella testing kit on the market

Under MLC 2006, you have duty to conduct and document water testing on all consumable water supplies, whether it be for drinking, cooking or even cleaning.

The LegionellaMAX Test Kit does away with time-consuming lab-based testing, giving you instant results so you can treat your system ASAP.

The easy to use test can be fully conducted on-site with no formal training and delivers rapid results within 35 minutes. It’s the most advanced, accurate and versatile technology on the market.

To help you decide on the best Legionella test kit, we’ve put together a quick guide to help with the key elements that you need to know.


  • Immediate test results
  • Pre-calibrated cell so no need to send ashore for annual calibration
  • Simplest on-board alcohol testing solution
  • DOT Approved Alcohol Screening Device (ASD)

The ALCO XS™ is a unique new marine breath alcohol tester (breathalyser) that never requires re-calibration. ALCO XS™ saves you a fortune compared to your conventional breathalysers which need sending ashore for annual calibration or worse still, annual replacement of the whole breathalyser which is an extreme waste.