• Fast & simple calibration ‘Bump’ tests detectors in thirty seconds
  • Creates tamper-proof calibration certificates acceptable to Port State Control & Oil Majors
  • Uses minimum amount of gas necessary – Saves money on wasted gas from manual testing

The MED approved ABC™ system delivers on-board automatic and fail-safe calibration and bump testing of your detectors during re-charging. The equipment automatically generates a tamper-proof serial number, specific calibration certificates which are free from human intervention and error.

If you had the ABC™ system you would be able to calibrate and maintain equipment on-board without the need to send ashore. This means you save on unnecessary calibration costs and you will only use the exact amount of gas required to calibrate your gas detectors.

Never wait for onshore certification again: you’ll be able to produce instant, verifiable, tamper-proof certificates at any time at the touch of a button. Take the headache away from inspections and self-certificate your gas detection equipment whenever you need.

Here is a step-by-step video shows you how to use the A-B-C™ “Always-Be-Calibrated” solution in order to deliver automatic, fail-safe calibration and bump testing of your quad gas detector.

Watch the video! How to Calibrate a Gas Detector Onboard a Ship


  • Detects and displays up to 4 gases simultaneously
  • Robustly constructed and built to last on ships
  • Bump test with the ‘ABCTM’ Self-calibration station

The Marine 4™ is suitable for Zone 1 atmospheres and is MED ‘Wheelmarked’ for use on all vessels with simple 1-button operation. It can be supplied with an optional integral pump with flexibility for pre-entry into deep tanks, holds & void spaces.


  • Tailored to detect up to 5 gases
  • Data-logging for calibration certificates
  • Over 15 plug-and-play smart sensors

The Marine 5™ is your MED approved solution to multiple gas detection.

It allows you to test for the standard four gases (Flam, H2, CO, and O2), while a dual sensor also enables you to switch on a test for a further bespoke gas. Testing up to five gases in Zone 1, the Marine 5™ brings improved safety and efficiency onboard while reducing operating costs.


  • Features cutting-edge infrared sensor technology – immune to sensor poisoning and drift
  • The only portable gas detector designed with 3 years of battery life
  • No need to charge the unit
  • Requires no maintenance, servicing or sensor replacement
  • MED Approved (MED 0575/21)
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Any crew member can operate Triple-C

The revolution is here… From Zone 0 to inert atmospheres, the TRIPLE-C is always charged, and always calibrated ready to detect anywhere at any time.

The TRIPLE-C rivals existing gas detectors with its innovative 3-year battery life and cutting-edge infrared technology which removes the need to calibrate, meaning no unproductive maintenance breaks and no expensive sensor replacement. If your company requires calibration it can be quickly completed using the optional calibration station.

This all-in-one solution guarantees compliance and reduces risk whilst saving time and money – all at the touch of a single button. You’ll never go back after using the TRIPLE-C. Revolutionise your gas detectors today.

This guide outlines some of the issues associated with gas detection, what operators must be aware of in terms of regulations and the actual process of calibrating gas detection equipment.


  • Compatible with the Triple-C portable gas detector
  • The 1/8 in. ID tubing draws samples at greater than 1 ft./second
  • 40-hour continuous run time & recharges in 4 to 6 hours
  • Has audio & visual alerts for blockages and low battery
  • Users can perform manual block tests
  • 2-year warranty

The GCT External Pump for the Triple-C is a motorized sampling pump that allows the MED approved (MED 0575/21) Triple-C portable detector, to extract air samples from up to 75 feet away. It has a single-button operation and the ability to easily attach to compatible detectors make the GCT External Pump for the Triple-C simple to use. The durable casing allows the pump to withstand the harshest environments.