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Oil Centrifuge Package

Dieselcraft Oil Centrifuges remove 99% of the engine killing soot down to the 2-micron range and smaller. The centrifuge is energized by engine oil pressure. The greater the oil pressure the higher the rotor RMP and the greater the “G” force the oil is exposed to remove the soot. Unlike a filter a centrifuge remove soot form the oil stream where a filter only hold it in the stream until it is plugs and flow is restricted. The CAT 3500 Centrifuge Package will accept either the Model 250 or 500 centrifuges.


PCS TAPE Formulated for the harshest marine conditions, PCS tape stops dangerous corrosion that can compromise steel and hydraulic pipes, valves, fittings and conduit castings on deck. Requiring minimal surface preparation, it can be applied on new or lightly corroded surfaces to extend the life of pipes and fittings and significantly reduce required maintenance. Made from non-woven, stitch-bonded synthetic fabric with a coating of neutral petrolatum-based compounds and inert fillers that are impervious